Private Equity investment comes with the paramount benefit of proven returns and a strong financial back-up. At Rodschinson Investment, our PE Investment team helps you make the most out of your pharmacy, with our rich experience, detailed analysis, and ingenious strategies. Our approach to Private Equity Services is thus inventive, bold, and holistic, benefitting investor businesses with valued returns and paramount growth.

Private Equity Onboarding

Onboarding promising funds is a skill that involves factors like market experience, a keen understanding of companies, and years of expertise. Our dedicated PE Onboarding team ensures that the funds we pick match the varying needs of our clients on the buy-side. Further, we work on implementing technical solutions like cutting costs, lower their time-to-market and increasing efficiency overall for the clients on the sell-side.


Fund Structuring and Distribution

At the heart of every fund of Private Equity is its structure, which plays a pivotal role in investments as well as returns for fund partners. At Rodschinson Investment, we carefully carve out structures to suit several classes of fund partners, such that their position in the fund, as well as the management fee, aligns with their investment horizons.


Private Equity Valuations

Without any public market to refer to, Private Equity valuations become extremely complicated for an investor. Which is where our widespread network in PE comes into play. With exclusive insights on the pharmaceutical markets across the globe, we take up Private Equity valuation for potential pharmacy investments with multiple well-built techniques.


Thorough Private Equity Implementation

From fund formation to tax compliance and a scrutinised management of the capital account, our team of experienced professionals skillfully takes up every aspect of private capital investment. Once you partner in a fund that suits your requirements, you can leave all the procedures, calculations, and advisories up to us.


Returns Analysis

Tracking and managing fund performance helps understand both the absolute and mark adjusted return on your investment. This provides investors with a deeper insight into the market along with a better understanding of where to invest. Our team regularly analyzes the returns to generate a bigger chunk of the economic pie, ultimately benefiting the fund investors.


Portfolio Administration

Managing portfolios is pivotal to Private Equity Investment. Our team leverages the latest technology to track all the accuracies of the investment, including cash flow, valuations, investment performance, entry-exit financials, and more. This means that your investment data always stays up to date and under our watch, helping you with quick updates and substantial results.

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